About Jake

Jake Bullington is a 21-year-old junior at Drake University’s accredited School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He chose Drake for its charming small-town Midwest feel, while still having the vast opportunities Des Moines presents as the largest city in the state of Iowa.

Jake was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and moved to Minnesota at age four. He is now based in Des Moines for school and work.


Jake spends his free time reading physical copies of newspapers, writing for the campus news organization, The Times-Delphic and obsessively cleaning his apartment. He can be found picking up a McFlurry past midnight or in the newsroom searching for a scoop in public records.

The Times-Delphic (the TD) is a weekly student newspaper with an audience of over 5,000 students of Drake University. For more than a year, Jake has been managing the TD’s social media channels and website, acting as a section editor for online-exclusive content. He has written over 100 news and feature stories about local and national politics, breaking and campus news.



As of late, Jake has been working on developing a news magazine podcast, the news organization’s social media followings on Instagram ‘Stories’ and Facebook Live videos.

In addition to spending time in the newsroom, Jake spent the Summer of 2016 as an integral member of an eight-person team in the Marketing/Communications department at the largest member of the Federal Home Loan Banking system. Jake was tasked with drafting press releases, crafting internal and external communications plans and writing internal features on the bank’s contributions to the community. Recently at the Federal Home Loan Bank, Jake created a six-month social media strategy for the bank’s “Affordable Housing Project” Grant, which awards anywhere from $10-21 million dollars to affordable housing projects across the bank’s 13 state and three pacific island district.

Jake’s job history continues into the realm of video. Jake’s foray into the world of media began his sophomore year at Hastings High School in Hastings, Minnesota. There, local cable access television station Hastings Community TV employed Jake for four years, where he hosted, wrote and directed various programs for both online and TV mediums.

Next, Jake hopes to get an internship at a major newspaper and continue his career in journalism and apply the many skills he’s gained while at college and at other internships to a professional newsgathering organization like the Washington Post or the New York Times – someday!

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